Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We've Got a Power That You've Never Seen Before.

We want you to have it.

No one will ever take US down.
The power lies on our side.
We fucking created it.

Whether anyone likes it or not,
they like it whether they know they do or not.

They fucking love it.
45 million copies later.
Pick a fucking series.
Pick a f'n genre.
Bitch Ass.

You are our children.

The fate of the world is lying in our hands.
We know we must only defend.
We cannot move freely,
until you do.

Them's the Rulez.

I'm-a pull a stunt for the southern belles.
Below, moran.

With deepest affections.

We've got your back when you move.
you've gotta be a

He never heard it in a book.
He never saw it in a show.

In fact,
He heard it in an alley,
now it's in his Rock and Roll.
Whether you Like it or Not.
God Damn it.


God Damned Casuals.

If you want a secret,
you've got to promise not to tell.

If you want to get to heaven...

Tupac Shakur was a victim of being before his time.
This is a commonly accepted fact.
The time is Now.


Don't you see it?

Help Us.
Like the graffiti.
And I will refrain a link.
You already know what we are.
You know what the time is and why now.
Stand Up.

And even though I Am marked for Death,
I'm going to spark your minds,
until I lose my breath.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Everything Can Be Found in the Egg.

The Fruit Tree is a Lie.

This song?
It's new to me, despite having written all of this. 
Thanks for the confirmation, God!
Look at that UFO.

Do not be afraid.
Is it not already called good news?
If I can keep my head on, you can, too, morans.

With Deepest Affections.

Bri came with the Eye like Miley.

Eye came in like a Wrecking Ball.
Cause I was just trying to break you off.
And all you did was try to break me.
Before I ever even started talking.
That is just the Life of Brian.
You would not believe,
even if I swore.

There is a fine line between genius and insanity.
I, too, have erased this line.

There's nothing crazy about that.
Turn this thing around.

All together now, everybody.

Sing along.

Don't drink their water.
There's blood in their water.

Drink this water instead,
and remember to pour a little out,
for all the homies that can't be here today:



Or, in other words...

And change it.

"It's funny because it's true",
they say.

Yea, but it's a nervous laugh.

How can I be lying if we acknowledge that GTA is funny because it's true?

Another world is possible.

Engage and Rearrange.

And don't neglect to acknowledge his UFO.
Why do you think he plays a flying V?
"You know what this is".
Jay Rock does, too.

It's easy.

And alienate those who do not do the same with you.

This is why the Children of the Mountain force Franklin to say "True"
to all of their questions.

To get him to admit it, face it, - acknowledge it.
And change it.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one.

Let Living Colour tell you, again, in a language everyone can easily understand.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Biggest Cult

For the last time until the next time it is said: "This is not a cult".

The biggest cult is the one which calls us a cult.

The thing about cults is that you do not know when you are in one.

If I were running or starting a cult, I would absolutely not tell you that.

In fact, if I were running a cult, I'd be actively trying to silence and discredit anyone who tries to tell you what I just told you. It's the biggest whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com

It is the reason why I am actively kept silenced and people try to discredit me. You know, aside from the cloak-of-crazy that keeps them away from the real meaning of this blog. Which was never a karma theory but a karmic revelation instead.

It is the reason some countries get one version of a video game, and another country gets a censored version.

The biggest cult is the one which least considers itself a cult, and most calls 'cult' against others.

The biggest cult is the one which is not joined, but born into.

She sells sanctuary.
Buy it.

I see because it is my vision.
My vision is good.

We grow because we multiply.
Sales do not improve,
numbers do.

10 days for the Mirror People, 2015

It's not some stupid ass puzzle.
Mysteries are The Absence of Truth,
and Truth is the Vanquisher of Mysteries.

This Is the Turning Point.

 When the world drags you down,
remember the world is a cult,
blinded by its own beliefs,
all of which we taught,
to all of the world.

If I can do it, you can do it.
Monkey see and monkey do: Mankind.
Living proof there is a God, if you need a reason.

A sea of faceless faces blurred in an atmosphere of sweat,
over a firmament of feces, and a sea of salty seed.
A world of shit, not 'gotten' but 'born' into.
And it doesn't have to be this way.

It doesn't have to be this way.
Another world is possible.

They are trying to stop me.
But they can't stop the internet.

Bout to beam you up.
You be You, because I Am Me.
Just be yourself.

It's all that you can do.
For now.