Monday, June 29, 2015

The Rainbow

Light is a unity. 
Like anything else, 
it has its components.
Rainbows show aspects,
that's the topic of this post.
Rainbows are also metaphors,
And that is why it is going to rain.
It's going to rain so that you can see.
You won't have to take My word for it,
in the same way Levar said not to take his.
Remember the time I shared this classic fact?

Remember also the time I said it's just beginning to get strange?
John "Humanity's Salvation" Connor is a bad guy now? And he's blue?
Far out, man. That's out there. And then there's this (which I love, but still):

Extra points for the uprising/flight segment,
and the epsilon blue power book.

Anyway, just like a rainbow,
everything else is like that too,
and seeing a forest is one thing,
 and seeing trees are like colors,
and all of that lingo stuff I do.
Embrace the forest as one,
 yada and so forth.

See the eye, but don't stop there:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Don't let me be misunderstood: The Sequel

I shouldn't have to explain this.
It explains itself.


Careful when you bring my name up.

Lil Wayne - Drop the World (ft. Eminem) - Uncut Music Video from Sean Watson on Vimeo.

Did you see it? All of it?

Keep it together, now.

Hold it steady.

Stay classy, carbon.

Listen to the Music. Like, actually LISTEN to it.

LIKE a lazy river flowing,
Surrounding castles in the sky.
And the crowd is growing bigger,
listening for the happy sounds.
And I gotta let them fly.

Now let the music play.
Dancing my way back.

Life's been good to me.
How about you?

I was asked why I keep saying things without saying things.
I am saying things. You just aren't comprehending them.

You are seeing each post separate, like you see them.
But they are not separate, and neither are the posts!

Let the music play.
Life is good when you do.
Life is bad because we haven't.