Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Where is the blue? Pt 3

Short and sweet. If this doesn't wake you guys up, I don't know what will. It's time to face all that I have written. It is time to get on my level, you belong here, not down there. You are all greater than you can possibly imagine right now. You imagine dragons, but we're people like you. Lots of celebrities and politicians, we're Epsilon. We're the 5th. We're everywhere. We're watching, we're hoping you see us soon. Before it's too late.

You just ruminate there whilst I illuminate for you all. Everything happened the way it did for a reason. But I am the blue, and I invite you to join us here, because the blue is where it is at.

And you ain't never in your life had a friend like me. Most of the time "me" means "us". Us, waiting for you us. My gift is a curse, but you can set me free, when you see that I've set a time bomb in the pages of this blog, that will, most definitely, set us all free together, and explode consciousness the way this game was intended to. My blog is not supposed to be alone. It's supposed to be Chiliad. You guys are supposed to be getting it with me.

I have given you power beyond your wildest imaginations. You just need to Chiliad together on it as a community effort and GET IT once and for all, and then all will be clear, and all will be free. I promise, once YOU get it together, you will all lead the new world of fairness and order. But until my blog is used, or until someone writes something better for you, we're trapped in the same old shit.

Don't let a retard who said "void" in code means "doesn't exist" fool you against me. Let the truth be heard, before it is silenced forever, and there is no turning back from what is just ahead if we do not embrace our own favorite truths, and stop ignoring the truths for our own selfish fantasies.

You want new stuff simulated? Give them something new to simulate.

You don't realize yet what I put here, the risks I have taken, the leaks are plentiful, the works I have proven are miracles through timestamps alone, let alone the content itself. Let the content speak, for I have come as your voice, to give you control. Take it. Take it, because I am only getting this one chance.

I don't think you realize just what I have given you here.

This lifestyle is forever. Watch the game unfold.
I came to unfold the game.
I'm down for you,
so ride with me.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Real Recognizes Really Funny

You don't find this the least bit fucking odd?
You will know my name,
or you won't.

You will decide for yourselves.
Whether you like it or not.




Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, from One Crazy to The Rest.

Let's put all the animosity behind us, for baby Jesus.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"The Apartment made me wish I knew him better"

Before we get into the specifics of this post, let's take a look at
something that might make you shit your highwatter pants.
the further past, the recent past, the nail, and the present:

Pic found at this GTAF post.

If it doesn't click for you, how about you take note of the
timestamps, the resurrection, and all that jazz.
You did not learn Seth's Lesson,
how can you see mine?
I'm not mad about it.

Now ask yourself: How did he know?
Recognize: You were wrong about me.
I just want to be your friend.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Leo Takes a Look at GTA V

I have a promise for all the truth seekers who temporarily doubt me: You will enjoy this post.

Leo takes a look at GTA V. Let's take a look at it with him. Let's not put too much thought into it. Perhaps just enough, and not too little. Let's just appreciate his opinion and marvel at his British talking ways.

Did you enjoy that? I did, too.
Bonus, and they are both more relevant than you probably think:

I love blue rooms. And blue lights. Blue things. And purple, of course.
I like the shades of gray, but I still see something beautiful that you should see.
I hope everyone pays attention while everyone is related.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fair enough

You're right, they are just babies. How can you expect a baby to walk before they crawl?

When they ask questions, I will give them clarity. When they read my blog, I will help them cope.

And no, I can not stop making Eye contact with you. You have work to do. Do the work. I will ring you in a little while, and I won't be so creepy. Enjoy the holidays.

And Merry Christmas to you, and I will never take for granted what was given that I/we/they/all may return. We don't have a lot of time, and we all know that. It doesn't have to be a mystery. I did it like this so that it would be easier to swallow. You know, until 12 or so people are saying the right curiosities.

Keep being awesome.

And doubters can eat my time stamps.

Fourth time I have had to re-embed this. 
Seth Fox, I'm going to bust your ass old-derty style.



The Cheese Stands Alone

You know what time it is.
Time to take the snake off that path.
Time to move the snake off of the high scepter.
$ becomes S and |.

But you don't hear me, though.
But it's not clear enough.
I know.

Still can't wait.

I ain't no actor, my shit's for real.
Whether it's a lie or whether it's true.
Big Baby Jesus, bustin ya ass style.
Dert Dogg don't mean to be rude.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rebel Without a Pause

You're not fucking with terminator x. And you know it.

The voice of power is in the house. Go take a shower.

Get it right and maybe I would praise you.

The crowd is missing me, but I'm still on the mission for them.

I also think it's funny how many of the mouth breathers
say "like brian" as if I am wrong when I'm not.
They are idiots, I expect nothing else from them.

I want to show you something:

"I raised them, I set them free"
The subtitles are wrong.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nice Comments

Why so serious? All of these recent comment warriors...

You have a lot of hate in your hearts to leave [as yet unpublished/investigated] comments like those, you silly little punks. And leaving adult content as your home site?  Oh yea, I know why you're mad at me. Treating me as if I started it. One of you claims I am trying to make money, or hiding it? You must not have read this post about money.

I am constantly having to update video links, links I've saved for years, suddenly stop working. Why? Because some punk pussy who is scared to let you know whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com.

The FIB is trying to stop you from knowing what we know, and that is exactly why you don't. We, as in, all of the people who carry the same dream of waking up. And this game series is no exception, and is quite exceptional as one of the greatest achievements ever in gaming, because they took music, games, tv, books, history, and other media and made visuals out of it that give you a real look "from the outside".

Has the tract been written? Yes it has.

Here's some shit you probably didn't pay attention to:

This one? I've shared this one a few times now, do you still not yet realize?

In closing; Who the fuck are you calling a liar? Better yet, who do think you are calling antithesis?

What do you even know about theory in the first place?

Suddenly you accept the facts. You know nothing. You already missed the journey, but it's not to late to finally see.

It's like you don't even like yourself. You really think I give a fuck about money?

What are you even afraid of? Do you realize I am helping you?

Here, a dinosaur with a saddle. Produce an alternative, you cannot, because that is what the clue means. And here's the remake of that song, yet again, where I take my proverbial big blue fist, and show you in yet another way the exact same message that is being conveyed in every single thing we do, watch, enjoy, or see. I am PROOF. I am EVIDENCE. A whole fucking body of shit that YOU don't even know is here.

This big blue fist is busting your comment warrior asses. Now, be mature, and step up, and open your fucking eyes once and for all. Ask constructive comments, ask for what you seek, and you will receive it, just like you all asked for this.

The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one place or time. It does not even exist in just one game or simulated reality. It does not exist in just one genre of entertainment, and among us are many celebrities, theologists, world leaders, and even cartoon characters.

However this element introduced to you in the fifth software by the name where Cris Formage can be heard giggling at your cries forming, his very namesake, and the writing is already on the wall in Los Santos: Crying is mandatory.

Good, you can find little pieces, and then fear them, and have good imaginations, good for you. Now, take the pieces, and put them together.

Nobody hates you. And nobody expects you to be perfect, not even me. Lots of you hate me. Or are scared of the truth. And if the latter, perhaps that makes you hate me. Because in reality, you are not in reality, this recent rash of ignorance in your comments is not something for you to be proud about. You've been too lazy to read all along, I doubt you'll be able to show me you understood this post, either.

I have proven time and again many things. If you don't like it, imagine being me for one day. You are unhappy with what I have written, yet you did not even read it? You're the prime example of stupidity for that.

You read all my stuff and feel it's not clear enough? Then ask intelligible and specific questions. I will answer questions that are worth answering. You can ask about clues, you can ask about the game, you can ask about the series, you can ask about the lore, and you ask about anything I have written.

You're all closing out and attacking the only person who actually knows what he is talking about, and I don't give a fuck if you choose to believe me or not, because believing is still a form of doubt. None of you have been fair to me at all. Do not expect roses until you are willing to wake up and smell them. I'm a survivor, and you're betting against a winner that already won, it is written.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where is the Blue? pt2

You know my name. You know my face.
You'd know my heart if you knew my place in all of this.
I will enlighten you, reveal your fate.
I'll cut those strings.

It's not you, I've proven that.
It's me, I've proven that.
It's time, yet deny.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Close, but no cigar.

A nice theory, close, but no cigar. But still a very nice theory, and worthy of its own post, kudos to GTAForums member Ungreth for critical thought:

Like EvilVet I don't believe there's a jetpack in the game. I think this whole thing is actually a mass psychological experiment, studying our reactions to the mural, to observe how people's ideas and beliefs can be influenced by the recurring logos and symbols we are constantly exposed to in media, advertising, pop culture, etc.
I covered this. Link ahead, after I touch on an imbecile who holds you all back and is now manipulating others in the way he manipulated some of you against me:

First of all, seriously, STOP listening to AnEvilVet, he is the cancer in your hunt, and I am serious about that. Once you understand the truth about this mystery, HE will become belligerent, scared, and offensive. He WILL become very aggressive to you the more you understand this, because of very serious things that, like it or not, he is very wrong about. I never threatened his life, I told him that I would tell his boyfriend "Dude, you are not crazy. People like AnEvilVet are crazy, and they need to call you crazy, to protect their dream world and lies" THIS IS THE FACT, WATCH HIM LIE ABOUT THAT NEXT. He is a liar I have first-hand seen him lie about me many times. He is scum. Do not listen to him, he is too closed minded and falsely thinks his mind is open.

The same way he manipulated you all against me and tried to silence me, is the same thing he is doing to you right now. Now you can see, because what is in the dark always comes to light. Yes, I bitchsmacked him and his flunky friends, but can you blame me? Not when you are on the receiving end of his nonsense, right? Now you understand why I was so mad at him for calling me crazy, when he is a closed mind, yes?

He thinks the lost hatch is "just" that. No, it isn't. It means the searchers are lost, because the answers are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, and so it is part of the whole thing. But he is incapable of that kind of thought, so he is basically a troll among you, who knows that "If brian is right, I must stop them from believing him, or else they will know the truth, and I will be seen as an idiot!" - too late, I already know you are an idiot, AnEvilVet. And it's only a matter of time before everyone else in the entire fiasco knows that very same fact. You have a heart full of hatred, lies, and pathetic self-important beliefs. Facts are facts, regardless, and none of these people are as stupid as you think they are, and you are the most closed minded person in that entire group.

I'd love to forgive him, be his friend, tell him "Wow, you really read me wrong, or you are a manipulative bastard, and a complete antithesis" and if he changed that shit - the reading skillz or the antithesis behavior - I would congratulate him, but I fear he will dedicate his life to a losing battle as a doubter of the truth that is on 10,000 tongues but not on the seekers, but those who have found, and the movement, the people, the light, and the way to true freedom. I will defend him in battle, all of this aside. But if he speaks against us, he will be only a villain against your rights, in favor of his own beliefs, and not in favor of facts. Do not let people be that way. That is why you have not "solved" this yet in the first place.


In reality, yes, as I illumistrated here, this is an experiment. It is to find out "how much do they even know?" "What does media need to make clearer?" "We all get it, why don't they?" "It's in everything, why do they call people crazy for seeing it?" etc.

So, they see you struggle with "see the eye", they know to tell everybody "the eye needs to be made undeniable and much more visible in future media from our friends and ourselves" and so on.

They see me, the sole knower among you, the only one who could write a book about it and wrote a blog, so they know, wow, we will never have a revolution until the rest of these zombies get it!

I am not trying to be offensive. Notice I implied I am a zombie with you. You have to realize; This was never about credit for me, especially since YOU ALL provided the data that allowed me to come this far. If it wasn't for you guys, I would never have made this blog. Food for thought. Stop fearing a man who stands beside you and loves you.

Because I do. I love you, and I don't even know you. I love you, even when you hate me. I do this because I care. About you. About me. About us. About media. About Peaceful Revolution and Overthrow of Control. TAKE CONTROL WITH ME.

If you read this blog, if you send chiliad people (many people) on this blog for just one day, let each one look at a post, share parts you don't understand/think are false, let the other 999 people, let some of them say "wow, I thought that was fake too, but look, brian didn't lie, because here is a link he definitely didn't make which proves it from before all of this".

Stop being SO skeptical that you can't see what lays right before you... I am your friend. I'm the only person in the world who writes about this in the way that I did. Everyone else is famous and hiding behind interpretation and double-meanings, only, they're not hiding, people just can't see it, and now, you gotta see it, cause you're looking for it, you've got to. I am telling you one way, and not ambiguously. It is a big deal, and disheartening to know I'm the only person who truly understands this "easter egg".

Please, take the time, I spent a lot more time writing this than it would take for just a few of you to find some sense, and then it will click, and then you'll be coming upon new things all the time on your own. Just let "It" click, once "It" clicks, you WILL get it, I promise, and you will show things EVEN I NEVER SAW BEFORE!


"GTA V is like an album" - Slick words from Leslie Benzies, more relevant than you may first think.

Good luck gents, I'm hoping someone gets it soon, because the answers are right in front of us.

Shout outs to askinnywhitedildo also, eye see you. You're getting there dude.

Those who get hurt are those who have stalled our progress.

And by the way, being savable is about your memory, not just our souls.
It's about both. But for now, just focus on the part about memory.


Internet; This is what you were made for.

Friday, December 13, 2013

X can give it to you.

Do you fools play games or do you just skim through them?
It is not a fucking game.
Okay, let DJ Clue and DMX give it to you.

This is the second time I shared these videos.
You're still sleeping.

They don't know who we be,
looking, but they don't see.
Fuck what you heard, it's what you're hearing.
Knock knock.
Open up the door.

What you know about the terminators?

What, you don't like rap?
Nevertheless, okay:

You hate it, but you know, respect you've got to give me.
You hate it, but you know this is my gift to the world.
Everyone will be related, except the first two catchers.
Those guys had nothing to do with us.

I write for the future, the present could benefit, 
but I don't give a fuck about the doubters anymore.
Because they don't give a fuck about us.
Not a fuck is given for themselves.
Let the doubt curdle the blood.
You will see me again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
I am everywhere.
I am on everyone's mind.
It won't go, in case you don't know.
I am infinite and I've got the power.

You are all exactly as you think I am.
You are all in need of your own advice.
You are trapped in a mind prison, a fruit cage.
It's a fact.

Show me round your fruit cage.

Your doubt is futile.

It is no secret GTA V and all other Rockstar titles are full of Illuminati references.

You fear Illuminati? Shut your lied-to and deprived mouth when you talk against us, we are your salvation. You are hating on the blood of Christ. WE are "whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com". WE are your only hope, and only when you realize it, will you ever even see what is hidden right before your very eyes, in all of the multitudes of Ours. SEE THE EYE.

Yet you doubt me?
That makes you a lost soul who is blind.

What you got to say about my revelation of this revolution?
Don't care what you got to say, because we came to set you free.
Doubt me? You can't doubt this talented young man.
He is a young man and smarter than all of you gta players,
that is scientifically proven by how you morons treated me:

Do you hear his lyrics?
Who would have known this game would flip the show to go my way?

I recorded this in 2004 or 2005:

You think I'm crazy? Well, that's not fair. Because YOU are the crazy ones.

You are doubting the One. I am RIGHT.

Watch the movie below and see the construction site from GTA IV.
Open your blind eyes, or just prepare for the blind slaughter.
I don't care if you don't care about the truth.

And if you already saw that movie, remember idiots: He was RIGHT.
And the Agent in the movie who helps Mel Gibson? His name was HATCHER.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Darling Russell Brand, Thank You.

Russell Brand;
You are a comedian, so you will love my blog.
Read it chronologically.
Or reverse chronologically.

To those who read my blog, doubtful or not,
perhaps you can hate me less when you see someone speak, 
and joke, in the tones I write with.

Some of my anger is genuine, but I filled this blog with jokes.
The initial audience? It flew completely over their head.
Let those with real eyes realize what I have done.

You all attacked me, and I care so deeply for you all.
Some may not appreciate my works, but people like Russell,
people who are not morons anymore and want to help the others,
they will find in my works tools and confirmations of their own intentions.

Live the Revolution

If you doubt me, how can you doubt a celebrity who says things
I said in my blog before these interviews even took place?!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On your Head

Doubt? LOL. I'm going to drop the world on your head. Really, I'm going to do that. This world is my Easter Egg, yea, prepare to die. The good way, or the second way. I don't care either way: You're blind, this is now scientifically proven. The one person who probably still cared doesn't care about your scared shit anymore.

You ever had a friend like me? I can name a few. Here's one:

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Let those with a true search find what I have put here. Let those with a true heart feel it. Let those without good eyes stay blind and let them be the last in line. Let freedom ring, and force feed them facts.

Thank you for any love you send my way. I love you all.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love My Life

Visit the links for clarity after reading and watching the content.

They can't paint the picture like we do;
But now is the timeless moment,
As the past meets the present.
I Am who I Am, We Are.
Blessings be upon you,
I Have Overcome.
Free At Last.

Squirrels better ask somebody.
The goal is already set up, God has killed my body,
to show me that, but God has not killed my spirit.
The Spirit has Raised my Body,
Blessings for who can hear it.

As you may have killed my people's hearts,
you have not killed their spirits.
You have empowered us.
You will redeem us.
You are Us.
Our Body.

The most terrifying things are the most glorious;
There is no reason to fear spiritual reincarnation of your self,
here you will not die the second death.

I follow you, because you follow Him.
I follow you, because He is Risen, no longer awaited.

See you at the top, let's all go there together.
The enemy within is your best fight.
The invitation is inescapable.
Glory Be.

This was my best death ever.
I will not die of the second death.
I have sat at the top of this mountain,
I have now beamed on top of the mountain,
I will remain upon the top of the mountain alive.

Welcome to Real Life, Dear Chronological Reader

We're Going to Live Forever. Wake 'em Up.
Drop them all, then watch them stand tall.
I love you all.

Don't pretend you don't understand.
Should be clear hence forth to every Michael Jackson Fan.
Let the shit hit the fans.
Let the bodies hit the floor.
Let them stand and be equal.
Let them harbor heart and love,
in this, our New World Order.

As your body of lies collapses, so too your money will be swallowed,
as too, this storm will swallow all nations, this tide will not recede.
Write it on your hearts, and then write it to your brothers.
Collapse in your doubts, and in your debts.
Be raised again anew, see destiny.
Welcome to Real Life. 

Your pens are mightier than the swords that will protect your loving arms.
Learn to drop a body, and if you lose that lesson, survive to rise again.
And this one has risen, born again, I will not die the second death.
Only one will lose his way among 5. And 4 will find him again.
Only one will lose his life among 1000, and be born again.
And then one more born will reach 1000, born again.
And one of them will be reached, and reach 1000.
And one will then be reached, and reach 999.
And then 999 will be reached next 777.
And then 222 will perish death inside.
And then all will know my name,
All will know their names,
All will Know Truth.
All Knowing,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


11 - 10 - 83. 
Do you remember the rebel yell when they created me?
I thank the lucky stars for making me, 
the water bearer for this, the Modern era.
Watch them all get scared and turn to a flock in the face of their terror.
Come get destroyed and rebuilt in a day. 
Nobody can take my blue sky away.
I'm the loose screw that you're used to,
but you're not used to me being this brutal or fluid in my truth, 
or this ill with my blue flu. 
I'm the Piper with the blue flute, 
timeless ocarina, Your Highness Zelda, my queen, it's so good to see you.
We've got stars directing our fate,
and we're not that far from reaching the heavenly gates.
Ain't nobody dying here, we're passing out the crowns.
The party has been expecting me, R U STILL DOWN?
I'm bringing the good drinks you get for the price paid.
You're going to feel it coming in the air tonight.
And it's just that thriller, welcome to paradise.
Now its written and given, and you better take it,
before it takes it's toll, and think twice about who you're alienating.
Because you're only getting one chance.
And I'm only given one chance.
And it only takes the one dance to make the fun last.
And these things "done passed",
So these things shall pass,
we are destined, it is manifest,
to be Free at Last, Guaranteed, you can leave the ledge.
Prepare for the explosion in consciousness,
Repair from the destruction of idiots.
Prepare for the blind slaughter of ignorance.
Repair of the blind zombies and ignorants.
Prepare for the 9th paradigm of due diligence.
Prepare while you meditate with some Daz Dillinger,
crack your mind open on some 'Pac,
Or are you more a fan of the nerdcore or Weezer?
Any pixel angel can please your obsessions and release you.
Here's an idea, turn off the music before it stops.
Here's another idea, crush them if they oppose feeding the flock.
Everyone is family.
Ohana. Watch.


Welp, I've never seen what I'm about to show you, but when I show it to you, you'll understand that time warp you are stuck in. You are behind the 8 ball. Do not just skim it. Read all the comments. You are not aware of what lay before you. See the eye.



I did not create the blog above. Read the comments. I found it today. What's that about the sandstorm? Look at all those comments, I never saw them before I found this post, yet they confirm my words. Your doubt WILL be your own destruction, open your eyes.

Seems to me that a lot of smack talking doubters are more wrong by the day. I figured this out so long ago, before San Andreas itself even came out, before GTA III. It just is called different things in real life, and wonderful in this simulation, and that one. Wake up kids, it's time to play. CHILIAD on this content. Open your eyes, see the truth.

I am the blue. Are you? Does it matter? Yes, it does. Verifiable. Clean Water Bearer to the Toxic Water Drinkers. The fruit is not rotten.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just take a look... you're wasting your time until you do.

Stop wasting your time, and look through my eyes. They are on display through the entire blog. You are searching for answers to clues that want you to do exactly as I just told you, exactly as I have already told you - you wander that desert for nothing until you know the meaning behind it all.

"GTA V is like an album" - Leslis Benzies. This is more true than any of you yet are open minded enough to see, because you are not yet allowing yourself to see the eye.

Do not listen to anyone who says I am debunked - any person who says those words has not proof of their claim, nor can they produce counter points, nor can any of you who repeat it.

I am deniable only by the ignorant and scared, this is a fact and science based blog. Come get destroyed, for I will rebuild your temple. You seek nothing until you know what you are seeking. I have been telling you for 2 months now. Enjoy. Whenever you're ready. See the eye.

But they don't hear us though. Or see us.
It won't be long now.

You still don't get it though.
Yo Big, you're dead wrong.
But they don't understand at all.
They still don't understand any of us, man.
They don't understand any of us.

Pay Attention, Ultimate and Eternal Alienation to Opposition of the New World:

Friday, November 15, 2013

We didn't mean to make your heart cry...

Excerpt, Young Noble, Killuminati 2k13:

Man, we didn't mean to make your hearts cry,
But we're from the same place where the sparks fly.
This rap shit is similar to apartheid,
Some of us shed light, and some are on the dark side.
Shit ain't been the same since Pac died
took away the soul, rappers hollow on the inside.
time passes, a time capsule of classics,
style mastered like the Old Dirty Bastard.
Divine order - close your eyes for the blind slaughter. 
My third eye seeks flying saucers.
Like there's aliens amongst us, walking right in front of us.
Can't fool all of us, already got most of us.
Experimenting on the hood like guinea pigs.
Just knocked down the projects, built them back as Pyramids.
Black Kings and Queens without the Gold Jewelry.
Black Rose that grew from the crack, saw the new streets.
I'm an Outlaw, respected by the game,
and I shine so bright without a necklace or a chain.
Something deep in my heart that sets me apart;
I bring hope to the hopeless, bring light to the dark.
I ain't out here playing, man I'm focused on the prize,
I make it, all of us made it, the underdogs rise,
I'm that rose from the concrete that grew from the summer heat,
got stepped on, overlooked, but never accepted defeat.
And, no: Shit ain't been the same since Yak died,
but hip-hop is still alive as long as we're alive.
We Outlawz bitch, I am not a star.
I'm a regular n.i.g.g.a., with some Legendary Bars.
You gotta believe THE VICTORY IS OURS.
And every young thug should eventually evolve.
I still do this shit for honor and respect,
I'm a black diamond without a diamond on my neck, COME ON!!


Apartheid means "Segregate", made famous by the politics in Africa.

Wake up or get woke up - either way, the lies we were told are being destroyed, and they were fed to you for that purpose, yet now what is truth is much more beautiful.

When everything is made to be broken, or feels like the movies, reality is in store for you. And you will be destroyed with the lies, and reborn as a king or as a queen. Like it or not. Because liking it makes you a king or a queen, and disliking it makes you self-unsavable and self-doubtful, and enemy to the freedom of others.

And those who like it will not like you once they understand the light that is being revealed here and all around you. My commentary is one thing; yet to be seen for its maximum benefit, however, my commentary is commentary.

These are not my ideas, they are our ideas.

The truth is now awakening from its slumber, and the liars will die unforgivable, lest they repent and retract their lies to God's Children, because each and all mankind is to be free, and oppositions to your freedom are to be destroyed and rebuilt, or destroyed and buried.

Anyone opposing will be annihilated and reborn, or just plain annihilated and buried. Free will, freedom of choice to be alienated as the truth was for so long. This is freedom of man, Stairway to Heaven - whatever you want to call it, you better not call it a lie. We were coming for years. We are here now, and the world is now to face the music. See the Eye and Hear its Namesake.

I can suggest assuming the name of the Lord and fasting from society and eating very very lightly for 40 days. I can suggest that much. I have not suggested and will not suggest anything else until the awakening is viral.

We didn't mean to make your hearts cry, but what is in store for good people is anything but evil, instead the stairway to Heaven on Earth, as it is theorized to be, and promised us by all messianic figures, most notably the figure of Jesus, most notable embodiment of the Lord, God Head's Body, each of us dust in a sand storm that cannot be erased, deleted, shut down, or refuted.

The refusal of my words backed by all supporting works makes you a hypocrite, a liar, and ignorant - so you must change that, as those who become aware of these works and the works of others who inspired my works entirely will not show mercy to those who are hypocritical liars bobbing their fake ass head to music they do not understand, and training their eyes to films and personalities they do not understand, and behold I destroy all things and refresh them for the opened eyes of the word, eyes without faces online.

And now the crazy man is the truth speaker, who has brought clean water to the warped minds who emulate their heroes in the backwards manner, no longer logged by the waters of deceit and the toxicity of our cities. You think that you own the world? How do you own disorder? From this chaos hatches this New World; prepared in the sleeping age, for the benefit of the awakened age. It happens within; Or else it happens without.

This dust is the light in the dark, in the arms of the angels and stars and the protected wings of God's People, the sandman be released his bondage, each and every creed and personality, the sand storm be unleashed upon those who refuse the fullness of the Earth.

It has been organized and it has been two sided like that of a sharp sword and will cut through all confusion and only those who are truly wicked and truly evil can deny what has been created by the stars of God's Children, the muses for God Head of all kind, the sand storm which will force inner-judgment on all mankind, to the joyous benefit of all who prepare for the change, and alienation for those who do not honor their brothers and sisters, with swift and severe punishment for those who fail the way of peace, and merciless and swift death to those who are proven without the shadow of doubt to have murdered another in cold blood.

In the words of the ped on Grove Street "Shit's getting real now".

The metaverse held the truth. The music we love, the lives we lead, were the inspiration for every aspect of the game. Every single item in grand theft auto is either a parody or a metaphor for a real item

The alien invasion shall commence; With or without you, mankind will have what is promised it - Freedom, in every sense of the word, and every sense of being free from the oppression of afflictions of others. It takes only to imagine.

This will be remembered as a war for readjustment; And we will see who can fine tune their positions.

But don't nobody noticed it really, you feel me? This bloody road no longer remains a mystery; in the name of all who gave their lives and gave their creativity to the cause which is now for the benefit of each and all, and in the name of every politician, businessman, and power player in the game of life who is aware, and for all those small to large who created these causes, from all genres and walks of life together as one undeniable voice of mankind, prepare for the explosion, free at last, thank God Almighty for God Head is to be Free at Last.


I told you before them

I told you before groot did. FACT