Thursday, October 31, 2013

Subreddit Launched

Update: CharlieMarrow aka AnEvilVet hijacked the sub and now those who supported us and me have gotten them banned and the sub banned. Thank you.

I have launched a subreddit. Let those morons doubt until their face is blue, they will never be The Blue that way.

ANYTHING that confuses you, ANYTHING you are unsure of, ask me about it. I will give you better answers on any question you've got than anyone else has produced in all of this time.

Trolls, doubters, and morons will be banned - Not so you can taste your own medicine, but so that your cynic nonsense does not bitter the taste of truth.

Cast your doubts aside, and then you can participate. Participate, and I will reveal more than you are even aware.

Ask and be answered. This subreddit will "solve" the mystery before the other one does, as long as you use it, I personally guarantee you that.

Questions about the blog? Questions about the game? Questions about other things (you will have more questions once you understand)? Leave them there, and I will respond to them.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And now I await the New Beginning.

I leave this here and await the mass awakening that will occur once it is appreciated and understood by those who are as determined as me, and those who were determined toward me, and those I am determined for as well:

My puzzle is the result of being treated shitty for helping. I had nothing better to do. I did, actually, but I did this instead. Very important things. I'd like not to doubt that you will all find that I have been upwardly generous, and taken this very seriously, and entertained doubt, anger, wrath and pity, in the name of knowledge, happiness, empathy, calmness, and the will to be a helping hand.

I await the new beginning, technically it's already begun.

I look forward to elaborating on things once the previous content has unlocked understanding for those who seek and are willing to be found.

And those who are found already, who will catch on quickly. Those of you who have been called crazy, or liars, or stupid by people who you know in your heart just did not possess the information you will recognize throughout this blog. Those of you who have been downtrodden and stampeded by the majority which has spoken over itself for a millennium, let your whispers no longer be that.

Raise your voices and decrypt for the belligerent. Raise your knowledge and use it to explain what has been done here, in the other tracts, in the Epsilon Program, in the Game Itself as a Reality Simulator (Jack Thompson can eat shit [cow shit in his bread] with his murder talk now, huh? And he's really not going to like you once you gain tHesis, because he is impure in his struggle until he does so as well, but he is NOT unsavable, and neither are any of us), within the music and films and books and scripts and writings that defined its inspiration, so too the people of the world are inspired, and we have made and will make these works forward.

It's not supposed to be talked about. That's why it's shrouded in doubt and donate buttons. Who will ever read it unless they are genuinely seeking what is found here? You should know better, really, since, I mean, after all, it is an Epsilon blog. It's about getting in the spirit. Who would I be to ruin the message with a cheap FAQ? It needs to be understood, it can't be overlooked, their effort is too much to sully like that while the beastly cry foul about it or beg for a new one or let it be forgotten behind DLC or viewed as an "Easter Egg".

That would be blasphemy, this is the Cosmic Egg, cracked wide open. This is the little universe from Men In Black. You don't know yet, but you will, and this is because the tract can be read by those who decide to do so, and the tract is good to those who understand it, and has through the ages been bad to those who do not understand it but claim that they do.

People will be thesis in GTA V, but only once they choose to be. Because it belongs to all of us. All of it. We just are unwilling to take it. I have challenged us to go further than understanding the game mechanic, I have challenged us to understand it as well.

There is a place for everyone in the land I speak about that is spoken about to me. A new world is possible. Was the cake a lie? The tree isn't either. I leave this here and hope that God [the people of the world] can see my heart is pure, similar to theirs, and longing to live to a ripe old age with grandchildren and thesis.

We are not one now, brother-brothers and sister-sisters - we have been one at war with itself for too long.

And for the record, I have tried to display all of this for years. Rockstar Games has done it through technological simile and a mind melting "egg" that tickles the knowers and toys with the doubters. Toys with preconditioned gameplay behaviors. I'm talking about our preconceived notions and willingness to do as the text says to do.

I only know everything I know about the game because of everything you all have documented about it. Whatever you get, you will get from A-Z. You will not get it beginning at Z.

In pure truth, I can be upset with no one, because Rockstar made the sign, and then I wrote the tract. Leslie Benzies is a genius, and Grand Theft Auto is indeed an album, as per the tract. And Dan Houser is a genius, and GTA is not about morality, as per the tract. And Jeronimo Barrera is a genius, because Grand Theft Auto is about simulating the real world, simile of our times, as per the tract. And Sam Houser is a genius, with an eye and for music and for business with all of the rest, as per this piece. The talent is second to none, and Rockstar North and the Rockstar Games family of studios have opened Pandora's Box, and hope was inside of it.

For all the truthseekers: The Answer is Right in Front of Us.

For all the wise readers who comprehend and thus know this is not to be feared but joyous about for all of us: You are not alone. Monty Python could have told you this, and did. It didn't take Rockstar to say all of this or to unlock my dreams into a reality in front of me, but it took a lot for them to make this game, it took a very long time, and a longer time than GTA V itself.

I saw another brother-brother mention that he was able to see all of this hinted at since 2009. I have merely shown you evidence and given upwards to the knowledge that they have hinted at for longer than that, and at the knowledge others hint at before them, and at the knowledge others will hint at afterward.

The tract is sometimes dogmatic, sometimes utterly vile, but in it is merit with merits for all who inherit the understanding that is hidden here. It's always hidden. I just hid it in a different way. It's translated now. It needs only interpretation.

Is there anything that you relate to here? Indeed, then there is more for you to know in what does not yet relate.

I await, and I will watch, and you will watch with us upon understanding, and then I will get the only reward I seek after this: My soul and the promise of a finer tomorrow for all brother-brothers and sister-sisters. Beyond that, I would really like to see what you guys get when you unlock the part that is a game mechanic, because then I will know the possibility of the New World is not in vain unveiled, but understood and bleeding chained hearts of Liberty will be FREE AT LAST. And all antithesis will be shed and all doubt will be swept under the flood that is the light into our future.

To Your Power Being Forever Over 9000.

To the bright future we face, as a people of abundance that spans an entire globe.

This has been me, simply one of us, all of us, together, one voice, a blue light on Google's Cloud.

Where is the Blue? Surely all who are the blue are related. Even the redheads. Now do you relate? Can you see? Is it bright enough? I hope so.

DO NOT CRY. Is the effort not enough in the game and the tract and in the inspirations of both?

Is it not enough that the efforts of all who have inspired that which was built entirely through inspiration are proof that you are loved? Is the love not enough to prove that you are not unsavable?

Have you not already been told that it is not your fault? No shame. Not even on who did not teach you. Cry another day. Now is the time to laugh again.

It took disconnection to make my reconnection.
I have reconnected and I have invited you.
We are everywhere and all informed.
The data is here for all who seek.
Beamed from frequencies,
produced to magnets.
Splendor for All.

Questions asked in comments will be answered.
Related to the game or anything else.
A new blog will be added where that is done.
The comments will be published at a later date.
Do not assume I am deleting your comments.
I am not, and I see and help with anything I can.
If you seek understanding, I will light your torch.

Vented. See you in Miami.

The Lost References

Bear that image in mind the next time you doubt someone without deciphering them. I am not tooting my horn, I am very happy for that user, and the multitude of others who have returned to the blog to seek the truth which certainly is here with all certainty.

The Lost references (hatch, for example) are illustrating that you are lost. I know you are lost, because I am found in knowledge I possess.

Knowledge I have shared here. Knowledge that doubters and other crazies looking for nothing have spoken against out of their lack of that very same knowledge. And that is the opposite of science. The 'mystery' is not a mystery at all. Doubt in that is a mockery of the truth form, you will never come full circle in doubt.

Knowledge that you will either spend your entire life overlooking and still not find what is right in front of you, or spend a couple days tearing apart this blog on a subreddit, because it is clear by your progress (or lack there of, because you have made Zero progress) that you will find nothing until you do. Tear this blog to shreds. I've made it easy if you try, and impossible if you do not.

The tweet was about this blog. And this, the unwritten tract, can be read, but will only be read by those willing to do so. You think it hasn't been written, thus it hasn't, to you (getting it yet? No? Then get a Brian you morans). But begin to know that I have written it, and then you can read it, because you know it is written.

The irony is that while I cloaked this blog under the theme it is under, and shrouded it in easiness to doubt to make sure idiots stay away and stay lost, smart people have already found the intelligence in this blog, and look, what do you see on the Psych Reports in that reddit linked in that post? You better open your eyes, I have not lied. Rejoice, or stay stupid. I was stupid once. I had a doctor who had a wife like that, she's a pilot now. There is nothing wrong with ignorance unless it becomes comfortable or unless it is used as a weapon of futility.

When you're done following a herd and recognize that you need more information, it is here. In these postings. Spread this blog like a plague to infect the doubters with hope and with knowledge and with thesis and all of the other things.

If you wait until someone "figures it out" and shows you on video, you will still be lost, you will have learned nothing, you will have missed the journey, and we will be justified, guilt free.

From Z to A, you have done things backwards. You have not played A to Z. You have started at Z. Do you get it now? Probably not. The blog is here as knowledge for the acknowledgment of intellectuals and the branding of morons who doubt it. Humble yourselves, Kraff has named and regarded me highly, and I have not lied, was never known as a liar, and you have made an error in judgment if you think I have lied in these pages.

You are supposed to come back when your story is complete. Completion means it's over. You have begun at Z, you have rushed and skipped over life, toward your own futility.

Cheating save files is useless. The Cloud does not respect your hacks.

Clipping walls is useless. Umbra occlusion technology makes your method futile.

You will learn, or you will never know - that is true for all things, this is no different.

The Eye in the Sky are the UFOs. Cris uses them to watch you. So does Lester. He has hacked them and uses them at his leisure for surveillance, just as the player does when switching characters, just as Cris does when beaming down to tell you about this very thing. You didn't know that did you? Imagine how much else you do not know. I know and have written all of that here.

And it's a tractor beam, not some "invisible jetpack". People saw that post and started saying "I think Brian is saying he has an invisible jetpack!" Are you fucking serious? The TITLE says BEAM ME DOWN. - So THAT is evidence that people have not understood my blog or even applied any thought at all to it.

You need to get together on this blog. Together you can understand this blog. Separately, you get only what you've gotten thus far: Nothing. Separately, you will not even be motivated. Bring this to the people, and watch the world unlock. It will be easier with my blog than without it. The tract is very important to understanding. If you seek understanding, you will not find it if you leave this in the game.

It's not an egg. It is a reality-changing simulation of the desperately lost and moronic world that we live in. Your belligerence is your own destruction. Your ignorance is bliss, but your journey is useless because of it.

The metaverse has been calling. You have not been listening. I'm the Sandy Ravage of this shit.

The End.

PS: There is a Dr Evil Wannabe skeptic among you who is skeptic to a level that it is unhealthy and has become paranoid, accusing others of being me. As people do begin to reach understanding, he will be a thorn in their sides, because he is so uncouth that he will assume it's me, instead of allow others to reach the enlightenment they are seeking. He, like a lot of other people, is lied to. I am angry with him, but this too shall pass like all the other things.

Let my truth be known when this occurs. He is one who hopes I "die a slow and painful death" (that comment, like all others, yet to be approved for public). You will all know that he is a moron as you unlock the secrets, after you unlock the knowledge to do so, and he will know he is a moron as well. When grown folks were talking, he should have closed his broken and uncouth mouth. Since he did not, he is the example of stupidity that will never live it down, and he has forced a sharp tongue upon him which will be followed by 10,000 sharp tongues.

This text is here because once you find this post and share it, he will be there to troll it. Ignore him. He is stupid before this game and will remain stupid after it by his own accord to keep his own eyes closed.

Direct to Dr Evil Wannabe, a message from the Light and the Way:

Get a new screen name, noob, and you'll still be a moron. You have spoken down on truth form, and truth form has shit on you. You still don't know it. You're so skeptic that you will probably still not believe it once everyone is all over my blog like the hot set of topics that it is, reaping rewards, and rubbing it in your face as you reap what you have sewn for yourself against me.

I'm in your head. I'm everywhere. My voice is compilation of 10,000 voices, just as is this game. You will see me forever and ever, whether it's me or not. That is because I have spoken knowledge, and so you will remember me each time you see others speak what was spoken to me, those things that I have spoken here. I cannot say it if I have not learned it. And you do not possess the study which I do, you do not possess the intelligence to sit at a table with me, you have made that painfully obvious at my expense. You will accept that you have attacked the messenger and that you have justified my retaliation, or you will stay stupid. But it's one or the other, and there is no alternative to that, it is a binary reality. #FACT

And if anyone thinks I am wrong for this, they are not witness to the ways this moron has treated myself and others. He is the enemy to progress due to his closed mind and psychotic narcissism, alongside his lack of worldly knowledge. You will all come upon this fact soon. He's even written a blog specifically to harass me, however, it lacks logic. He is the evidence of my word in his own in that regard. As I am evidence for myself - Truth form is truth form, no matter what a moron tells himself or convinces other morons around him, I have spoken truth form.

The tweet was about this blog. Like it or not. And this, the unwritten tract, can be read, but will only be read by those willing to do so. You think it hasn't been written, thus it hasn't. But know that I have written it, and then you can read it.

Doubt about that means only one thing: You have not learned enough. I have cut time off your journey. Take advantage of this blog, or stay lost in the desert. Your Choice. We have made very sure of that.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dedicated to All Truth Seekers

This post goes to the truth seekers.
You were never left behind and not yet late.
You've got to be looking to find it, you're doing it.

These are a very specific dedications to all seekers alike as one.

We'll fix this mess.

We've shed all sorts of light.

I am the blue guy. Like it or not.
The future is coming on.
Like it or not.
And I don't.
Or do I?

You still don't hear me though.

You still don't hear any of us.
We didn't start the fire..
We will carry it.

Oh, you get it? Live it.

One last thing.
It's kind of important.
Thanks for taking this time.

YOU are the green light.
And that is not a murder lingo.
It means "Go", that is Sesame Street.
Before the story is complete.
Let us go together. All of us. How can you deny?
It's not right to deny.
Your voices are mine.
My voice is thus yours.
We speak what is spoken.
Doubt is everywhere.
How is it okay today?

It's not.
It's broken.
It's senseless.
It is s not okay.
It's dark and lost.
It's unwilling to learn.
It's unlearned and like ants.
It's capable yet unable to proceed.
It's out of control though quite under control.
It's the time of our lives overlooked and unrecognized.
It's the walls coming down and the people embracing the gift.
It's the days of our lives at the end of the nights in the ages of doubt.

That the Hershey's Kiss.
Love it.

The tract can be read, but before it can be written to memory, data must be collected.
From the values in polarities upon magnets the data is is drawn as a binary code.
Once the collective binaries are incepted and intercepted they are ready.
For data to be collected, it must be distributed for collection.
The data is distributed and still being distributed more.
You'll never get it alone. We will get it together.
What is seeming strange is a lack of data.
It will be less so strange with data.
It will be understood with data.
It will be read as data,
from the cloud,

Because: fuck doubters.
The voice is all of yours and truth.
The power is ours and it is underestimated.
The data needs a new estimation before interpretation.
The data has received a new approximation for interpolation.


If you're not trying to figure out how,
You're fucking up and you must don't get it.

Of course it's all in our minds,
that's where it belongs.

What preceded was similar to the birth of a black hole,
but bright and well lit, doubtable only to the dim,
and only until the day that the data is thesis.

Copypasta - Sometimes, but I prefer realistic steak.

The prophet speaks his language reeks,
A vile dogma that steams and stinks
His plot is weak, he's an oil sheik,
Information leak, operation tweak.

There's no security in the battlefield,
Metal cannons strafe the human shields,
A brand-new country, they're gonna build,
One more riot that is self-willed.

But I'm crazy, right?

The work grows, and the word spreads.
The awake awaken the sleeping.
Preparations for breakfast.
B-B-Q for the lunch.
Realistic Steak;
A Dinner.

But I'm crazy, right?
Or are you uncouth,
lacking understanding?
Research Required.

Likening! The basis of all Metaphors, Analogies, Similes, and Smiles!

That was a sweet post, the foot clan one, you remember. I'll do another likening exercise from one Epsilon Program enthusiast to another who together are outside of the ant farm looking in: 

If you ever feel like this,
or you ever feel like people are calling you this,
or you ever feel like people are trying make you feel like this:

Did you see the eye[s]?

Don't worry about it. You know why? Because man, it's normal.
And also Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, so good.
You just need to remember:

You know, I still don't know what the video is promoting,
but that video, the words, so true.
Stay classy, carbon.

This wasn't a metaphor. I was glorifying the other ones.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 measures of burger and a roast of venison

Delighted! A gift from a friend's friends, bow struck somewhere in the hills of Blaine County just last night.

We'll have the chefs prepare a massive loaf from 7 measures of venison ground, and of this massive buck roast, we'll have the meat sit to the room, and then rubbed with a thickened seasoner's potato broth.

In the potato broth, there will be a small spoon of finely minced onion and 3 small taps of mustard seed powder. Added to that, a sensible flavoring of rosemary, butter to help it to render.

It will be placed into a crock pot, and slow roasted for 12 hours, allowed to remain in its juices, glazed with the juices, and then served next to a gravy of the juices and more vegetables than are reasonable.

Cris is very pleased, he was going to order pizza but got really excited when I told him what was in my bag. "Good haul, I imagine it will be a fine feast for all visiting Epsilonists, then?" he chimed of me. That man's voice, wow. Gets me every time. I was looking forward to the pizza personally, but don't mind helping him out after all he's done for us, and this is still going to kick ass, pepperoni or not.

On a side note, it's totally ironic. I was sick of pizza, it was all I ate in Liberty City. Now I can't get enough of it.

On strange note, Cris has been hinting at bringing me to the upper levels of the building lately, and today he mentioned the roof. I get the impression I'm getting deeper into the circle here and it seems like Cris is very fond of me.

I still feel almost a slight hunch that he is planning only to use me for my technical capabilities as I am known for installing quite a few CD players in my day, but I'm not supposed to doubt, right? Not quite sure what to make of it yet, seems really fishy though, but really shouldn't. Don't know, just feels weird. Might be nothing:

"By the way... um, was Brian your name? I may need your help with some equipment on the roof that is showing signs of trouble, and we do not want that. Especially not now."

Don't know what to make of it. Anyway, that new Underbelly of Paradise: Liberty City Riots Edition starts tonight, want to get this food to the chefs before it kicks off.

Get a Brian you Morans

You're getting warmer.

What are you trying to say?
Are you sure I haven't already said it?
Nevertheless, nice work.


Epsilon Program

Not even joking lol.

The program is never going to live down that "1-866-FUN-CULT" number.
Probably the only mistake anyone's ever made in the higher chambers.
But you live and you learn, and you laugh now then you cry later.
It's so easy once doubt is released, yet so hard to believe.
Believing is not the way to know something anyway.
Things that are known do not need believers.
Quantifiable evidence is in abundance.
It is time to let our people go.
And it happens within.
We rise within.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clues from DJ Clue

Listen closely.

Desert Storm Radio Show banter.

When all of this sinks in, this blog is going to become a source for sanity.
Because in the least of likely places and the rest of the other things.
Doubt is wearing thin on time as the veil is being lifted now.
You are going to see the light, and you already do.
You can rejoice if only already you would.
You are free of condition through us,
Cast aside your canes and doubt.
We are free within before out.

But remember the metaverse.
Actually, it's a metaphor, an analogy.
And it must be accepted to be whole.
And to be whole is to be One.
To be One is to come Full Circle.
The New World is alive in us as Him,
So says One to the Agent of Ephesus.

These works will reveal truth only to those who are not against thesis.
Theirs is mine, and mine is theirs, and antithesis is anti-progress.

Am I getting through the ELF?

You see what I'm able to see because my vision is good.

And I still never lied.
I give it to you straight so no one asks anymore.
Do they really want to know?

Listen CLOSELY, damn you. UNDAMN YOU.

Monstrosity and The Dangers of Being Learned

How did you like that last post? Did you have a laugh at the fellow I retaliated against? I am Horrid sometimes. Far too Sharp. Way too Angry. Spiteful. And...


you got me...


At least, it's easy to interpret it that way.

The current lesson in life I am learning is "Forgive them, and love them, because it's not even their own fault".

I do too much retaliation in the face of people bent on detracting, stifling, or devaluing the authority I have provided myself by becoming well versed and deeply learned in all things that I pursued becoming knowledgeable about.

There are plenty of things I don't know about. But there are quite a few [very touchy and usually misinterpreted by the masses] topics in which I am versed very well. This blog shows a lot of the things that have been passed to me, that I now pass to you.

It is utterly infuriating to me when people dismiss my words on those topics, or refute them with some nonsense, or worse, some set of beliefs that they have been force-fed all of their lives without proper understanding, context, or translation, whatever the case and any combination of the formers. Especially whenever I am able to use their own source to prove my point. Makes me want to drop the Moon on the Earth.

I have become conditioned in such a way that when people without true authority speak out against my words, or people shut me down before they even hear what I am saying, or have read what I am writing - or whatever the case may be - I become infuriated and conflict has become very common for me lately.

I often feel like I am one of very few remaining survivors after a zombie apocalypse.

I have no alternative way to look at it. I mean, I do, but they are complete and whole other posts not yet written.

Any moron out there can deny it, but it is really really fucking bad out there. People are fucking stupid. Seriously.

My great-grandfather was awarded for his integral work in creating the atom bomb, I have the plaque, stamped with the Manhattan Project and Truman's signature. He is also a major responsible party for all forms of modern refrigeration and air conditioning. He did this work under Dupont, and if you don't know, that means he got a bonus and that was that. Those were the days where someone was discovering a new element every few weeks. He is responsible for stop valves or some other kind of valve, I don't know, I'll list it all some time if anyone expresses interest. An infinitely variable transmission as well as a lot of work that is still used in cars today. He made and invented all kinds of crazy shit that would have made us so much richer if he didn't work at Dupont, but he liked his work, and that is what really matters.

His son, my grandfather, was responsible for many things as well. Teflon (many novel uses subsequently as well), the unique coating on Jeff Gordon's windshield (the dupont race car driver in Nascar or whatever), refining the process for making artificial diamonds, and a slew of other things. That was all done at Dupont as well. He worked on many other things as well. Many inventions like great gramps.

These men, their stories, their achievements. I was never sure about my great-grandfather - "Do you think gramps really made the nuke?" - until my Aunt passed away and we found the records. Apparently, he was also co-founder of Yuengling Brewery, until he sold his half and it has remained ran by the same family ever since. His beer delivery truck was awesome, even in black-and-white photos.

My great grandfather sat very quietly throughout my childhood. But my grandfather, great gramps' son, was quiet around family, but a bit angry, as he was always having to hear people say shit that was retarded when he knew better. Now don't get the wrong idea - he was loving and kind hearted, especially in sharing knowledge, and he had a freaky Jesus way with animals, and was a very loving, very family and community oriented person.

I never really understood why he looked at people the way he did, and why he loved me so much. My grandmother would tell me time and again "Pop-pop Loves you all, but he loves when you come over and talk to him because you are so bright and he goes on about your conversations" and things like that, and I am now beginning to understand his angry face, and sometimes angry tones, but also how he was so good with people and animals.

Before now, I couldn't make sense of it. But now, I understand. He felt like he was in the Zombie Apocalypse. He may have felt that way, but he did not let it get to him in the ways that I have become known to.

I personally watched my grandfather come out of his back door and sit down on the steps and 3 squirrels came down from a tree and one went into his shirt pocket.

Okay, big deal, right? So some people are good with squirrels.

Fair enough.

But what really fucked me up for a long time was an occasion that he put his hand out and a butterfly landed on it. When we asked how he does that, he said he really doesn't know, shook it off his hand, put his hand back out, and it landed there again. This kind of shit was a usual occurrence with my grandfather. Although I got the impression that he knew how to do it from how he said it, I did not push it, I just wanted to try it myself.

When I began talking with him about many of the things you find in the posts of this blog, and indeed emulated in the world and lore of GTAV, it was near the end of his life, yet I experienced excitement within him like I hadn't really ever seen before. The last couple of years of my grandfather's life were probably the shittiest of them all, but man, he lit up for me every time I saw him. He's only been gone a couple of years now, but his blue eyes beaming to see me are still fresh.

Anyhow, I have tried to be like this with animals and bugs for years. I just don't get it. And he had bug zappers and would swat the shit out of a fly, but animals still loved him.

I'm beginning to see now that it may have had something to do with his ability to accept that no one is perfect, and not everyone is capable of understanding things as he did. I see in my great grandfather a man who had it mastered, very quiet, just quiet, and relaxed. And through the contrast of that, I can see that I was watching his son, my grandfather, master it in the same way. Through both examples before me, and though unable to see it until now, I understand why the squirrels I feed don't get too close.

And I just want anyone who understands to know that I am working on it.

Blessed are those who read and understand my writings, and blessed are those who use empathy and understanding as they do so. Blessed are those who already know, who are beaming at me, and happy for my achievements here, rooting for the root.

And blessed even are those who bring me away from my mind, as they have consistently provided me with a good view of it from the outside.

It is not enough to speak, one must also example their word. And it is not enough to example it, one must also embrace their role as a pupil alongside others as well. I must battle a monster within me, tame it, and ride it with control. Then, and only then, will I be prepared for the next form of my work.

Oh, and as for my own achievements, you're kind of watching them form, and from this work will come 10 more major works, and from those will come 10,000 works by others, and then from those will be born a New World.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

These words are not mine.

They are yours. And theirs. And they are us. And we are all together.

A new world IS possible, in this game, and in your own lives.

I dislike how cliché that last part sounds as much as you. But it's not a big whoop, because I dislike how cliché it feels to say cliché as well.

Plus I love the fact that we're all on a very special journey together, so it balances it out some. I love it because love is my nature but also because it is quite rare that this many people can participate in spreading love, joy, and mind warping contradictory realities that scare the living shit out of people who didn't read the whole blog, and also those who seek to make sure that you don't.

For good measure, there are a lot of corporate elitists who fear this kind of thing as well. But, for better measure, there are plenty of corporations who are counting on things like this happening.

Any and all who truly understand the tracts here, those before mine, and all those before those, will find knowledge and in it will they find peace and they will find that a new world is in fact possible.

For each of us. All of us. The answers are all around us, right in front of us, every single day.

I speak with authority because I have taken the time to be sure of my authority on various matters.

Free Will is the gift of Choice, here I have written about the gift of making informed decisions, not speaking without informing first yourself, and not to seek to inform others until you are certain that you can do so. I have done so.

"Others" is not all inclusive. The word "others" implies in itself that there are "others still".

It is well known, however misunderstood, that if you understand and know then you too must spread understanding and knowledge, else you are as damned as everyone else.

That is because none of us are Him and all of us are Him only when all of us are Him.

It is a movement, under so many names and values and images, and all who have carried it openly have been extinguished. That is because the technological age was not yet upon mankind in the fierceness that it now is in the last decade.

In the cases of some God Bodies, the industrial revolution had not yet begun to bring light back upon the second dark ages where ignorance and brutality was imposed, ironically, to reach this very end, for the system is not without its flaws, which implies also that it is not without its merits.

The Dark Ages was the Reboot Phase, because out of darkness comes light.

Sounds unfair to the past, and it is, but all that has come to pass until now has been necessary;

It was necessary to feel pain in order to know pleasure.
And it was necessary to feel low in order to feel high.
And it was necessary to feel abandoned so that you could be found.
And it was necessary to have slept in order to have been awakened.
And it was necessary to have been pillaged in order to value giving.
And it was necessary to have been imprisoned in order to free your minds.
And it was necessary to lose composure in order to learn center.
And it was necessary to be subordinate in order to take control.
And it was necessary to dramatize in order to know reality.
And it was necessary to become analog in order to become unity.
And it was necessary to fall in order to climb out of the pit.
And it was necessary to doubt in order to seek the truth.

No one is perfect. No one who matters expects you to be. We are all perfect when we understand that truth.

I promised I would talk about money;

Money is the root of all evil; It is the foothold and the master of your bondage and your suffering.

It is that which sucks the knowledge away from the Earth.

It is the one thing which guarantees that you remain frightened, because as you grow older and produce more mouths to feed below you, and as your time runs out, so too does the value of your debts and of your debtors and of your thus fiat currency. As your family inflates, so too does your broken and outgrown economic system, which means people make less and less, yet need more and more.

It is insanity to support that, yet you must, because none of you understand it. And so must I, because I do understand it. All of it. And I know that you will not know the land of milk and honey until you know - and really know - that all that I have written and shared with you are #FACTS.

I get so angry about it because neither will I.

But even it too was necessity, and still is, until you have realized what every great and powerful musician, film maker, writer, scholar, game developer, author, poet, holy man, and scribe was trying to convey to you.

Those who did not carry this light through this cavern of sorrows have been lost in the darkness that is a fuzzy memory, they were not great and powerful, and they are few and far between under those who are.

These words are not mine, I speak the word as it was given to me throughout all of my years, into my eyes, through my ears, through touches upon my skin, and touching moments upon my heart.

These words belong to every intelligent person who understands them, and our time is near.

Even the Christians are not righteous and cannot doubt about the money, and none of any house can intelligently refute my works here, inspired by the works that date before that one, and through now.

Another one Bites the Dust

"When one speaks of awakening, it means dehypnotization,
 coming to your senses, but of course, to do that,
you have to go out of your mind"

- Alan Watts

Yes, indeed: Stupidity, doubt, fear, and ego is soooo frustrating.
Kick me from their broken congregation, power over 9k.
Everyone chases after completely illogical things,
because they are illogical and stupid beings.
You can lead a horse to the water hole,
but you cannot force him to drink.
Yet in these pages are truth,
still they don't know.

They are not learned enough to understand their actions.
 Searching completely in vain and they do not possess
the critical thinking skills in order to see just how
completely batshit insane they have become.
And the answer is right in front of them.

That is because they are scared.

Scared that the time was wasted.
Scared that the person they hated most was
right about a whole lot more than a video game secret.
Scared because people always fear what they do not understand.

That is understandable, but it's not a pass.

They are Doubters and They are Antithesis.
They will spend their entire lives that way,
even long after these games are forgotten.

You have made a wise decision to walk away.
Another wise decision would be to read this blog.
A third wise decision would be to cast aside the doubt.
A fourth wise decision would be to cast aside those canes.
A fifth wise decision would be to share this blog to your friends.

Those searching after the journey is complete,
those doubting in the desert, are foolish.
Fools will never cope with the truth.
Epsilonists are not foolish.
Epsilonists Know.


It is the greatest pleasure on Earth.
A new world is possible.
Do not seek beliefs.
Know instead.
Join us.

LOL - the crazies and stupids are so scared.

Going through today's comments (all of which will be published in due time), I came upon one particular mouth-breather I'd like to address publicly:

"Just a heads up, I've contacted the FBI and have had a meeting with them over the phone concerning your behavior online and now these threats. They understand that you are probably harmless but at the same time are also concerned for your safety and the safety of those around you. They promised me that they will keep a close eye on you and monitor you during your comings and goings when it concerns public places. I just didn't want you to get spooked or become frightened if you noticed anything strange. Please do not approach these men/women. They are only there for your safety. I made them promise me (for what that's worth) that you will not come under any harm. Please take care of yourself." 

Really? You called the FIB on me, big shot? You are not only a lunatic fuck, but a liar to boot. lol (at you). Too uneducated to handle art, you are definitely not intelligent or mature enough to handle Grand Theft Auto V, and you need to do a lot of philosophy and spirituality reading before you even read this blog, let alone before you should be allowed to play that game. Get off of the Internet, moron, you are the cancer to intellect, and this blog is the compliment to it.

You are simply not educated enough to understand what you have read. In fact, you, fact, probably have not even read it, and if you have, you are not well read enough elsewhere to understand, let alone the shining given that you are unaware of the lore behind it all in the first place - the Lore of the game, and the Lore that Inspired that game, which has been the last spark of inspiration I needed to deliver the unwritten tract.

You pathetic little turds are nothing, know nothing, and you are wandering in the desert, and scared of the person who has brought you a drink. You're stupid. The proof is in the pages of this blog, as each thing written is based upon truths direct from books, musicians, and film. Direct from the human psyche and the human condition, and not from the lies you were told as a little piece of shit moron before becoming the big piece of shit moron that you certainly are today.

No wonder you can't figure out the "secret" in a video game - it is beyond your level of intelligence, and you're not even intelligent enough to listen to someone who understands it. Search that desert. Mine salt for 50 years. I don't care.

Grow up, go outside, kill yourself for all I care, but watch your doubts turn to tears as smarter people than you discover these pages. Anything strange in this blog is evidence that you do not know enough to have an opinion on it in the first place. Idiots are a dime a dozen. You are one of them. The FIB know.

You do this to yourselves. You bring my attention upon you. You are morons who are to be laughed at for speaking without being informed before you do so. You are a waste of a post, except that it shows: I am provoked, and I defend myself. It has always been that way. You victims can't stand the heat? Then get the fuck out of Our Kitchen before you get doused with the Oil of Truth, proverbially speaking.

You open your pathetic uneducated mouth and pick fights that you can't win, and then cry foul when you lose. Worthless, pathetic doubters are the shit on my shoes, I'm walking all over your doubts.

Let's see what kind of pathetic fearful and doubtful fantasy you come up with about this now.

So satisfying.... It is... the greatest pleasure on Earth.

Straight out the good book, look, dumb pussies are shook.

And if you're thinking I'm going to fall off, you're so wrong.
You're going against me? You're making a mistake!
Not a finger was lifted, and not a fuck was given.
You are now about to witness the power.
There is nothing spookier to morons.
Nothing more frightening to them,
those who cling to their doubt.
In themselves before in me.
You cannot doubt truths,
unless you are dumb.
Free will is choice.
Fair enough...
For me.

A Grain of Salt...

It is easy once you know. I sincerely hope you're paying attention. Anything I link is saving me valuable typing time, gents.

This is all very important, and that's exactly why it's like this. A lot of people worked for a long time to make the ultimate statement. And a lot of people have inspired them for an even longer time to create the analogy that would crack this cosmic egg. And once you understand what is going on, you will understand why you had to come upon this yourself, and cast aside the doubt and the cane and the other things.

You don't know the rules, but you'll find a lot of clues here, indeed all around you. Don't be antithesis, people.

You will work hard one way or the other to learn what you need to learn. I'm just helping you out. Mine salt grains for fifty years, or dive in and get it done.

"When one speaks of awakening, it means dehypnotization,
 coming to your senses, but of course, to do that,
you have to go out of your mind"
- Alan Watts

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There's all kinds of ways to look at it

There's all kinds of ways to look at it. You just need to look at it in any other way than hindsight.

It's right now. This very moment, until the credits roll.

My psychologist says a lot of things, and I'm not going to merely quote any single one thing, but he knows what he's talking about.

And that's why you've got to give a little love. You've got to make you're own decisions. If you want to be antithesis, you can be antithesis. It's a free world, right? No? Why not?


The time is now. You don't have to wait, you can achieve actualization now.

And still, Cris was right, there inside the game to be right. Sort of.

I would be all "Checkmate", but Rockstar should do it this time.

The Savables are Awakening!

And the blog is way better than the chat.

You guys are rocking OUT!
Critical thought is not lost on you.

Keep on Rocking glorious PC masters, each and all 600 million+ of you.

Sometimes, upwards generosity is a show of generosity below.
A good show of upwards generosity would be to always look out
for your console cousins and try to show them, without hurting them,
that they pay less and generate more revenue on PC.

That their game libraries stay with them through upgraded hardware.
That the marketers have lied, and said it's harder, or for nerds.
That paying for sales, or paying for multi-player, is "stupid",
when both of those are free, and more broad, on Steam.

The mistakes we have made in the past were that we have gloated
about our good fortune in being informed consumers.

It is far more important to be good to our console cousins.
Better to point out how much money they waste that
never even reaches the developers in the first place,
rather than to get hung up on how many paradigms
and architectures behind they are at this point.

The great Gabe Newell and his Tastykake Crowbar Gang at Valve have made it easy.
Facts alone are your weapon now, bragging fortune is an enemy within.

It is less that they are misunderstood, and more that they misunderstand.
Be a help to your console cousins!
Lead them out of the desert,
And help them to drink.

Disclaimer: I have afforded myself the luxury of this humor,
as I have already made very clear that I love All gamers,
and while the words are true that you pay less and get more on PC,
it is merely good times to joke about the "pc master players"
seen after the main, very serious, content of this post.

Ambiguously right up in your face.

THE GUARDIAN: Is it difficult to get away from the underlying structure of open world game missions: go somewhere, shoot people, get something, get out. Is it hard to break that mould [sic] with GTA V?

DAN HOUSER: We've thought long and hard about it, but the reality is, structured missions – being given a task and completing a task – they feel like life. In a game, when you're doing missions you're doing a job, and in the open world you do what you want. To us that's the best way to replicate the structure, and the lack of structure, of life. I don't see the benefit of throwing that away. 
The trick is not making it feel too mannered and predictable and hopefully we've broken that up. I think players like the combination: things they're told what to do, tasks where they're not told what to do but know they have to achieve something specific, and things where they're able to explore for themselves. We try to give you all of those in a variety of different ways.
Source, Dan Houser Interview at The Guardian

There's a lot more out there.

The French should really have no problem understanding the tract:

Existing translations are not the best.
A new translation is required;

French Reader and Epsilon Enthusiast:

Please correctly translate the article to show the English sillies
how Dan Houser has talked about effecting the scenario indirectly.

Where he has spoken about changing the story without realizing it.

Where he has spoken about effecting the journey directly without being aware.

Where he spoke about morality playing a role, but that it is about freedom of choice,
above and beyond some kind of morality.

10,000 Thank You's to the person who correctly translates that Article.


Monday, October 21, 2013

These guys have got it figured out.

I have seen highly-doubtful people becoming frightened.
That's just silly and normal for doubters.

Power over 9000.

This isn't even my final form;
The Book comes Later.

Doubt is only for the weak, the tracts are very clear about that.

And my blog is very potent.

Doubt really is only a temporary luxury.
You're only doubting yourselves anyway.
Don't be antithesis!

You are watching but not realizing
what lay before you in these pages.

Until you understand it,
You are wrong then to judge it.
As you are wrong to doubt it.
As you are wrong to search.
It has been found here.

Your Choice.
Free Will.
We have made Very Sure of That!

This blog is simply the easy way

This blog, it's the easy way. The hard way was the time to see and then to comprehend, and then to be inspired, and then to be awakened, and then to make breakfast. Knowing was half of the battle, the other half was acceptance.

It's the simplification of the simulation of the simulation which served as and will serve better again as the mirror of our condition. Casting aside doubt in ourselves, and casting away canes, is the cure. That is the oversimplification.

Real talk.

I told you before them

I told you before groot did. FACT