Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dog_Bread gets me.

I have proven the usefulness of the blog to myself. All I can do for others is point them toward it and testify that it has enhanced my knowledge of GTAV secrets in ways that I too scoffed at before I read it. And like Abbey Road, Beyond Insemination or The Invisibles, I get something new every time I review the text.

Brian doesn't prejudge people. He sees from their words if they believe the truth or not, and if they don't, he gives them a talking to in order that they might change. Sort of like a stern, but loving disciplinarian. Sort of like Kraff. And that is not everyone's experience. Often a first contact from Brian is positive or neutral, it all depends on how he was invoked or the theory being discussed. So you see, it is the very opposite of prejudice, he sees the work, and THEN makes the judgment. Call him judgmental and I won't argue with that :)

You get me Dog_Bread.  I have raised to relate to what it is like to be me. You are not me, but you can now relate to me before anyone else.

The war that is going on here is simply a bunch of people who have had a glimpse of the matrix hoping to convince their peers because we will all have much more fun and be more productive that way. My "scary talk" is a milder reflection of the passion Brian brings to his role, because I don't want to be banned. And yes it is a role he is playing, for the good of every GTAer, and by extension all the people we GTAers interact with away from the game. It's a promise of both amazing things in San Andreas (far beyond a mere jetpack), and an enriching journey of self-discovery.

Any hate you think is coming through in the message is not aimed at people, but directed at the narrow minded doubt that is stopping many from realising that they are "being controlled by lots of powerful forces you do not understand", as the tract begins to explain and the blog elaborates on at length. If Brian contacted you in that way, it was because you were speaking blasphemy, and knowing the true nature of God, he was naturally offended by your post!

The metaphors in this thing go farther down than turtles, but despite the fact that many of us are smoking a bowl right at this minute, the majority are making the mistake of taking life seriously. They won't get the joke unless a critical mass of independent thinkers do some reading and are allowed to talk about it. The super ironic Rule 7 makes it that much harder, and there will likely continue to be examples of civil disobedience like this thread until it is abolished.

In the end the message is love, so peace be with you friend. Feel free to contact any truther with questions, or post in the forum. We all want the same things :)

Well said. Your words are like a mediation that can allow people to get it before they read it, and take things less personally, and see things more clearly. That magic that we see in the movies, that others overlook. I know some are wondering why I'm not still writing, it's a hiatus, and to regain my stamina. Give people time to read and be entertained, to be reassured by those like yourself who already have, instead of merely skimming and ending up offended.

I made it something that only rewards an open mind and comes full circle only for those who stick with it and picture it like reading a movie. It's just the internet. And it's GTA. You'd think people would have loved this. I'm glad that some of you did. You guys will be the wise men in the near future. =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It is a weapon.

update: this post was not well received nor understood.

He wants to hide it.
He wants to use it to lie like they do today.

Atheists hate the Bible and don't realize:
 They are the ones who will set things straight.
A-theist means without theory.
"Know nothing".

You know you're not a know nothing.
Know their book and you can correct them.
Save them.
Love them.

If you would put your energy into the book,
it is the weapon against those who downtrodden you,
just because you have a scientific and proof-based mind.

You are being controlled if you do not use the weapon that is the book.
Don't like religion? Your only viable tool is the bible itself.
Anything else is futile and wasting precious time.

You run from the very book they covet,
when that book proves they are false.
You let yourself down, and them.
Whether you know it or not.

They herd atheists to keep them away from the truth,
just like Christians are herded with fallacies that do not reflect the book in reality.
No difference. Atheist is just another group of false beliefs.
No offense intended - but beliefs mean that you do not know.
Just like doubt means the very same thing.

Everyone has a rude awakening coming.
This blog is very important for those who want truth.
The Bible is a weapon.
And so is this blog.

For the record: I consider myself a Global Mind.
Religions, nations, opinions, arguments,
I look at these from the bird's eye.
This is what my life is like:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am the Helper

I am the helper.
Blessed is he who helps me.
People say he is referring to the holy spirit.
They are wrong.

He who helps me uses the holy spirit.
Like he who plays for the team has team spirit.
Who is me? I am I. You are Me.

Be a helper.
Not a hinderer.

What's your issue in life?
Did you know Jesus fixes all of that shit?
I'm not saying that in a way you are used to hearing it.
If you've read along through the journey, you already know that.

Even if you never noticed it before.
And when you see it, you'll see it.

And no one can tell you the truth.
Can't tell me nuthin' either.
I can talk the truth.
No doubt.

I Paint the Picture.
So I know when the picture is painted.
God Bless the Dead,
who are alive in Me.

I told you before them

I told you before groot did. FACT