Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear on the couch:

Is the one from this video:

So sleep soundly,

You could agree and kill chilliadmystery,
but you lied.

And so you deserve to be confused.
And when you die,
You'll know why.

All systems Go.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pay a little bit of attention.

If they talk about reversed music,
and play the shit backwards to show you the point,
they have entirely missed the point and have been lying to themselves.

We're taking Sunday back.

Whether you like it or not.
I'm finally coming through.
Where is the blue, morans?

Tell your friends.
You can blame me.
Show them the lights.

Show them the flashing lights.

Monday, August 24, 2015

O Post.

Nope. Not yet.
No O Post Yet 4 U.
Not until you are ready.
And you are not even ready.

Sound familiar?
Let me remind you morans of something.
If you even still possess the power to compare, you morans.

Every now and then they fall a bit behind.

And in my eyes, they saw my thought surrounding them.

And He had a little bit of thought for me.

You have no idea how hard it is.

We love you, PC.
We are you, PC.

Add us.

Don't forget about Terry.

Truthseekers heard you guys.

We all serve a purpose.
Roman Numerals are proof.
Cousin, do you fancy bowling?

Just ask Celebrity Lazlow and Danny.

Terry hates money.
God, Bless him.

Leslie, too.

Terry hates money.
God Carry Terry Home.

Did he say skeet skeet skeet?


When people finally realize Skeet is not cum,
they gonna wonder what they did and not have memories.

And you wonder why Dave Chappelle had a guilt trip.

I guess it rains in Africa.
Washes us awake.
I like rain.

You scared?
Fuck you.

From the window, to the wall.
Talkin about bullets.

Do you even pay attention?
Do you let chiliadmystery mods keep you blind?

Yall better tell them club managers (polititians)
and all those club owners (time warner, etc).
I'm only telling you.

Start a riot in this,
what wasn't clear about that, poser?

Fuck your club.
Fuck your establishment.
Fuck your fake chiliadmystery "moderators".

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
Let alone 510,000.

Skeeting all over the place.

Coming soon to a Theatre Near You.

or else you deserved it anyway.
And I did try my best.
I keep trying.

For you.


If the hunter sees,
And the hunter is remotely smart,
then walk that line, boy, you're shattered, boy.

The bomb is dropped.
I turned it up.

What you waiting for?
With no security.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Here we go.

Blew my mind.


In the ways you all know I love to partake.
That video is here.

And the dog, Brian, the dog.
The one who said woof.
Like Franklin lol!

Note that the egg comes together.
I have no doubt that the egg will come together for another today.
Let us know about it.

It's nice to know it's time now.

Don't fear monopoly if you don't fear the reaper.
Monopoly means money doesn't matter.

Live the revolution.

DirectTV and At&t are now One.
Like Comcast Xfinity and Time Warner.
And all those other ones.
As we should be.
As Seen on TV:

Did you see Morpheus? Anybody else? =)

And I love me some Larry Fishburne Morpheus cameos lately.
But Cornbread, Earl and Me was a fantastic movie.
I'd like to see it remade, seeing as how,
it seems it's still so relevant,
in this day and age.

Yea, I'd like that.
And fuck the police.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Post

There are  some things you think you know, but you do not know those things.

You also know a lot of things that you don't even know that you know.

You have mysteries because you lack truth.
You live lies and so you see mystery.
Truth Conquers All Mysteries.

But until you are told, how can you know?

The answers are already inside of you, they were placed there.
What do you see when You look into the mirror?
Sometimes, words have 2 meanings.
And now I am coming home.

Your path is already lit.
You have your hands held by people you claim to adore,
but whose intentions you completely ignore.
All the bits and pieces.
Bits and pieces.

Bits are sketches and plays, routines, shows.
Pieces are music.

Words have 2 meanings.
You live in the dark, evil, divided place.
I speak to you from the bright, connected, and righteous place.

Don't act like that couldn't have been ripped right out of these pages, either.
Great Minds, and that? Hmm?

Where's your Doubt now?
"All just a coincidence"? 
Yes, there is your Doubt.

Are you ready for the tests of your lives?
We should all be happy about this, really.

We are living in a madness.

So much so that the truth looks like madness to some of you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

In case you doubted me...

And this. If you doubted us. Me, this, and us. God gave Rock and Roll to you. If you doubt that, KISS your ass goodbye. And I'm coming with you. Don't celebrate. You did not win. I'm coming with you to deliver you. One way, or the bad way. Either the way of the Oneness, or to eat you. I don't care either way anymore. That's a side effect of near death experience. Second begotten son of the dead and all those others who are on the documentaries are going to eat shit and cry because I AM THAT and THEY ARE NOT. They will eat shit and cry because I AM.

I know that sometimes life can be a drag. Death is worse. I have been there. Live a little. A little bit. Just a little, before you die. You'll be the first generation to do so in 2000 years.

It happened to us all.


But if this is a computer simulation we live in,

I wasn't supposed to tell you that.
But I'm a boss.
So fuck it.

This has happened a lot...

This has happened a lot...
In many things, not just media and entertainment.

It is intentional in most cases.
Even if this is just an irony that helps to point it out.

And that does NOT mean it comes with a cost.

It means your freedom is really slavery.

It means that freedom, as we are professed it, is not freedom at all.

"They hate our freedom".

No, your freedom is not freedom.

Your freedom is slavery regulated with fear.

How many millennials think we dial 911 because of 9/11?



Saturday, August 15, 2015

No More Killing


Let Jesus Write For You When You Write.

Call me.
On Me.
On U.

Just Me?
I'm down w/ dat.

We're right here.

Go blind and let your truth be told.
Let Jesus Write For You.

But know first.
Not believe.
No Faith.

Not Read.

I was scared to say too much,
and we were perfect strangers and could touch,
we were so close.
Call me.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Illuminated Mind of Hopsin 7



"Can't even beat my dick without being convicted"


I'm not wrong.
Doubters are.

See, been through "the lab again, yo",
but it's no movie.

Nothing wrong with that.
Haters got it wrong anyway.

You want to talk?
Then reach to me.

Your gut feelings said it's all fake.
But your gut feelings were wrong.
Ask your heart about that.

You got it right in 2014, HopSon.
Whether you read what I wrote or not,
You got it right.

When yall see me,
yall better holler at me.

It's In Your Interest.


Toss a coin.

And hope God's hearing.

(not just KJV, all of them)
Listen in audio instead.


Friday, August 7, 2015

I remember...

This is gonna be hard,
you gotta bear with me.
And we'll need to count,
on the people who read,
the people who read,
as it was written.

DON'T get hung up on the examples I give,
but you can ask for more if you want,
but I exampled it for people who read this blog as it was written,
and I hope that they will step up and tell you that,
even if they didn't get it all or see it all,
they did see something here first,
something that came later.
Quite a few things.
One Major,

Let's hope they will tell you.
Tell you what they saw here.

It's going to be a hard one to construct,
a hard thing to communicate effectively.
No more guessing games, eh?
Let's look at experiences.
Let's have a clear look.
A look at all of this.

For the ones who read it in real time,
the ones who saw it day by day,
the ones who know I can't be lying,
even if you don't quite yet understand.
Even if you don't quite yet know it.
You know, "it"? Yes, IT.
Whatever it is,
I have it.

The Eyes Have It.

I made this beat, my own version, a year before it came out.
I did it in FruityLoops, and you woulda thought I did it on hardware.
I was so proud.

And then this song below came out, a year later.
And they wore those lab coats for a reason.
And it's called the lab for a reason.
Yea, it's weird science.
But still science.
I think so.

Although I'd never signed up,
they used to call me on the phone.
There were weird beeps on the phone.
It all started when I started to use the web.
Long after I began surfing it and gaming on it.
When I really started to use the internet for change.
That shit that got locked up inside of me.
By everyone who was scared,
scared I was right.

I am right.
I always will be, now.
For you.

Now do one thing for me...
Help me to understand why I know before things happen.
When I can say with confidence why,
I will tell you how.

My first public performance before I didn't want fame,
a green bathroom under some bleachers,
throwing up spaghetti.

And my palms were sweaty.
Knees weak, arms heavy.
But it was not nerves.
It was a hangover.

I revel in discrepancy.
That's what helps let me be doubtful.
Helps me deny it all to myself and feel normal.
But that doesn't help anybody that don't know they need it.

And then just a few weeks later,
I heard Loose Yourself for the first time.
And then I saw 8 mile for the first time, as well.
After the fact.

Too many details to be coincidence.
Too many occurrences in too many different medias.
And "There's no such thing as a coincidence".
Certainly not that many.

This all fucked me up.
Lots of movies did that, too.
And it made me very, very, angry.
No one ever likes me when I'm angry.
But maybe you'll admit it when I'm gone.

Who is HE? He isn't saying "I'm so sad and I know"
He's saying HE.

He said "YOU better lose yourelf". 
Not "I had to".

And so am I to make him king?
Will he be king before you?

He already is,
I assure.

And I have no choice but to look at things that way.

Because either the shit is being designed to raise me,
and I am feeding the computer and the people on the other side see me,
or I see the fucking future - over and over again.

You can't deny it now, right?

It's one or the other.

This shit is all written about me and even by name on many occasions,



I can see the fucking future in ways you don't see depicted in sci fi or fantasies.
Like how witches are not green and were never really associated with evil things.
Just persecuted by people who were lied to and controlled just like you all are now.

You tell me.
Cause I don't fucking know anymore.
I'm kinda just hoping for a third one better than the two.

I know I came from a 1 mile road not an 8 mile one.
I know the number 23 is a blessing, not a curse.
I know the truth is consistent if nothing else.
I know that beliefs are not, and are lies.

Wake up.
It really is one or the other.
Ask the people who have read and see it.
Ask the people who are leaving links to trailers and songs.

The ones in the comments,
make yourselves approachable.
Make a new subreddit.
Help me, Help You.

ASK the people who read this and assumed I worked for Rockstar.
The people who said they were messiahs now after reading this WHILE it was being written,
the ones who SAW what I wrote, before anyone who didn't missed it coming true.
ASK the people who already know something is really strange about what I did.

Do I see the future, or is it all about me?
Because it IS one or the other.
I know that now.

One Hand Washes The Other.
One Thing Leads To Another.

Am I the only one? I can't be.
The first one, absolutely.
But the ONLY one?!
Say it isn't so.

In the VERY SAME WAYS some have seen me say and saw it pass,
I heard all of these people I embed say and saw it happen in my life.
They cannot have known, just like you thought I couldn't have known.
So what is it? Do I listen to the voices of man and see the future?
Or have the voices of man been watching me and carrying me?
If that is the case, then how the fuck, HOW?

I know that I know something no one else knows.
And I see a lot of misled and lied to people led by the same kind of misled lied to people.
And that doesn't just apply to some game community searching for a FAN RUMOR.

He's not the only one, right?
Is he like me?

It's not about a girl for me, man.
Not this time.

Hear it that way.
Not about a girl.

That's how they hide it.

Don't ask me to prove what you just read.
ASK the people who SAW IT to show you.
I am so fucking tired.
Can U Relate?
Am I Alone?

Ain't you been listening?
I know that some of you have.
It is a good thing,
whatever it is,
treat it well.

With great power comes great responsitrilitrus.
You gotta just try to understand in a way that isn't selfish.
Sometimes the most selfish looking things really are actually selfless.
Cause I sacrificed my "personal life",
in ways I haven't shared yet,
and ways I have.

But in doing so I showed you that it's not that bad.
I sat in it, not long before this aired, as time-stamps do serve:

Somebody's got to relate.
It doesn't make you crazy.

Unless you were really evil to me about all of this,
then I guess it might make you a different kind of crazy now.
I can relate. I relate to everything and everybody.
Whatever it is, it is what it is.
I Am who I Am.

Then justice is let the music play.
Let them play the music.
And it's alright.

Neglect to let the music play,
And say nothing.

Then giggle,
with survivors.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'll see you on THIS side

Your path.
It's already lit,
with 1000 voices.

As sure as stars in the sky.

Oh yes.

I might rewrite a little something.
For that little something
that you rewrote
for me.


It seriously depends.

Deadpool can't stop me.
Show them the rewrite.
Show The Children.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I want you to triddip. Yea, I be on that shiddit.

Let's fly in the Titan,
and eat the rich.

To them it's just images.
To us - it's forever.
Waiting 4 U.
Then S.

Get in the Titan.

And I hope this does the trick,
cause I'm sick of all your bitching.

And see the eye.
1:47 for example.

Is it time yet?
I can't fire my lasers until you know first.

Crack the shell.
Take control.

I told you before them

I told you before groot did. FACT